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The new generation of Microsoft Certifications

Today, I've just received MCP newsletter from Microsoft :

Dear Microsoft Certified Professional:

You already know about the newest versions of Microsoft® SQL Server™, Microsoft Visual Studio®, and Microsoft BizTalk® Server. We'd also like you to know that we're complementing these new products by introducing new Microsoft Certifications.

Consisting of four credentials in three series, the new generation of Microsoft Certifications provides IT managers with a simpler and more targeted framework to validate your skills. Better yet, they give you a tool to showcase your skills in a more relevant, more flexible, and more cost-effective way. And, as Microsoft releases new products, we'll introduce additional certifications.

The enhancements to Microsoft Certifications are based on extensive customer feedback and research. However, it's important to note that the hard work you've done in the past will continue to be recognized—Microsoft Certified Professionals will not be required to renew their current credentials, and your current credentials will remain valid. What's more, MCDBAs, MCADs and MCSDs on Visual Studio .NET enjoy straightforward upgrade paths for achieving new Microsoft Certifications in early 2006.

Microsoft Certified Professionals are a key component of the Microsoft family. During the last twelve years, over three million Microsoft Certifications have been issued—making this the largest certification program in the IT industry. The goal of this new program is simply to improve the value of your certification—for you as well as for the IT and hiring managers who rely on them.

To learn more, please read the informative FAQ at www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/newgen/faq or visit the new generation of Microsoft Certification website at www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/newgen.

Best regards,

Lutz Ziob
General Manager,
Microsoft Learning

I will try to get new certification as soon as they release, want to be one of first MCPD in the World

ASP.NET Today: Smart Delete


DetailsView and FormView controls support delete operations and delegate the execution to the underlying data source control. If the data source control is configured to execute the delete operation, all works fine, otherwise an exception is thrown.

The DetailsView generates command buttons automatically and doesn't expose them directly to page code. How can you add a bit of Javascript code to ask for confirmation? Here's the code.

protected void DetailsView1_ItemCreated(object sender, EventArgs e)
// Test FooterRow to make sure all rows have been created
if (DetailsView1.FooterRow != null)
// The command bar is the last element in the Rows collection
int commandRowIndex = DetailsView1.Rows.Count-1;
DetailsViewRow commandRow = DetailsView1.Rows[commandRowIndex];

// Look for the DELETE button
DataControlFieldCell cell = (DataControlFieldCell) commandRow.Controls[0];
foreach(Control ctl in cell.Controls)
LinkButton link = ctl as LinkButton;
if (link != null)
if (link.CommandName == "Delete")
link.ToolTip =
"Click here to delete";
link.OnClientClick =
"return confirm('Do you really want to delete this record?');";

The ItemCreated event doesn't provide any information about the row being created. However, it can be figured out that the footer row is always created and is always the last row to be created. If the FooterRow object is not null, you can conclude that all rows have been created, including the command bar. The command bar is the first row after the data rows and is stored in the Rows collection--it's the last element in the collection. The command bar is a table row (type is DetailsViewRow) and contains a cell (type is DataControlFieldCell). The cell contains as many link buttons (type is DataControlLinkButton) as there are commands. Delete, Edit, New, Update, Cancel are the command names used and useful to identify the right button.

The FormView is fully templated and lets you manually define appearance and behavior of command buttons. If you place a custom button, or want to use a custom command name for a standard button (Edit, New, Delete), here's how to detect the click on the button. You start by adding a handler for ItemCommand. The code below shows how to deal with a custom Delete button that checks if the bound data source control is enabled for deletion before proceeding.

protected void FormView1_ItemCommand(object sender, FormViewCommandEventArgs e)
if (e.CommandName == "SmartDelete")
IDataSource obj = (IDataSource) FindControl(FormView1.DataSourceID);
DataSourceView view = obj.GetView("DefaultView");
if (!view.CanDelete) {
"Sorry, you can't delete");

August CTP of Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 - Now available

I've waited for this long time , now I can use it for Connected systems developer Competition , I'm so busy (extreme busy ) now, must finish first milestone , I've just two week ahead, must submit application on 15th september . Oh , no. I'm sleeping 5 hours a day. Terrible month, must go to holiday next month to relax.

GTalk !

Gsearch (aka google) , Gmail, Gmap... and now GTalk . Google want to rule the world, and what will happend next ? GGirl someday ^_^

Just a google cache

Đây là nơi giấuG o o g l e của http://www.windowsitpro.com/mcphalloffame/ đoạt được ngày 12 Tháng tám 2005 02:50:35 GMT.
Trang sẵn có trong máy chủ G o o g l e là một bản sao của một trang web nào đó mà nó thu lượm được trên Web.
Trang này có thể thay đổi qua thời gian. Xin bấm đây để tới trang mới nhất.
Trang được lưu trong bộ nhớ đệm này có thể dẫn chiếu đến những hình ảnh không còn tồn tại nữa. Nhấn vào đây để chỉ xem hiển thị phần văn bản được lưu đệm lại mà thôi.
Hãy sử dụng địa chỉ sau để liên kết hay đánh dấu trang này:

Google cache of this page

Google không có một mối liên hệ nào đến các tác giả của các trang web này cũng như không chịu trách nhiệm về nội dung của chúng.
Những từ tìm kiếm sau đây đã được tô sáng: mcp hall fame le thanh hung

MCP Hall of Fame Round 6 is closed

Waiting for the result ^_^

What is this korean text means ?

I've just searched my name on google and I got this result :

MCDBA 가 되고 나니 ‘MCP 명예의 전당’의 투표할 수 있는 권한도 생겼다. 사이트에 가보니 총 5명이 후보였다. ‘Tim McCarthy’를 제외하곤 처음 보는 이름 뿐이었다. 그래서 ‘Tim McCarthy’를 뽑으려고 생각했었는데, 역시나 나도 한국인인지라 ‘Le Thanh Hung’라는 분에게 한표 던졌다. 나도 저런 자리에 얼굴 올릴 날이 와야 할텐데 말이다.

I don't know what it means ! ^_^

a little japanese translation from google !

Google の視野+ マイクロソフトのプラットホーム+ そ れのための私の情熱: 毎日何百万がの人々使用する新興社会のク ラスservices/softwares はの世界の地図に助けベトナムを専門そ れ置き, 。> > 続けなさい
責任 :

プ ロジェクトの私の部分はコーディングをからテストへ非常に適用 範囲が広い設計するプロジェクト管理の分析。プロジェクトマネ ージャーとして, 私はプロダクトマネージャーから顧客の要求を 受け取り, 氏プロジェクトとのプロジェクトを割り当てるGannt の図表を計画し, 多くの部品及び段階にプロジェクトを分け, メ ンバーを写し出す仕事を使用する。開発段階の間に, 私は担当し , スケジュール国内両方チームと沖合いの開発センタとの調整を , 文書の要件分析とプロジェクト資源を制御することを更新する 。チームリーダーが顧客の要求によって, 私読んだように, 分析 をし, どんな技術を私達がプロジェクトで使用する決定しなさい 。最終的に, 年長の開発者として, 私は多くの新技術を研究し, 会社のサポートプロジェクトへソフトウェア部品を開発する。ソ フトウェア部品の再使用可能性は私の会社の最も重要な言葉であ る。


私の最初証明の 検査を取った後, 私はマネージャーによって気づかれた。私が MCAD を渡したときに私は年長の開発者として確認された。多くの 大きいプロジェクトを結合するより多くの機会を作成するために 助けられるNET トラックのMCSD の証明。

なぜあなたは名 声のmcp ホールにあるべきであるか.

マ イクロソフトがキャリ アの機会へ証明キーであることを私は知っている。しかしない多 くのMCPs は本当のプロジェクトに適用するために知識すべてを取 った。自慢しているI.fm 私がマイクロソフトの解決フレームワー クとの成功へどのプロジェクトでも導くことができるマイクロソ フトの開発のプラットホームで渡す。I.fm 人私の会社のほとんど 重大なプロジェクトのマイクロソフトのパターンそして練習を適 用した。コークス(www.Coke.be) のための私達の最近の重大な企 業の解決は私の会社を有名にさせた。ちょうど2 を示すために私 達はまたClearasil のプロジェクト(www.clearasil.be) と L.foreal 色の脈拍のプロジェクト(www.colorpulse.be) を, 使う 。MSF の点の網フレームワークパターンと練習は本当のmcp マイ クロソフト専門家であるためにアマチュアプログラマーではなく それを実質にする。最終的に私は接続されたシステム開発者の競 争(http://www.csdevcompetition.com /) に私の秘密の武器, 独 特な情報くものコレクションを備えた強力なcms 堤出する他にな い。現在ローカル開発者の雑誌の多く, am のために記事を書く I.fm MSDN の関係ベトナムの金のメンバー, 及びASP.net ベトナ ムのコミュニティー(http://www.aspvn.net /) の活動的なメン バー。

My last year mobile game : Final Fantasy Mobile Music Puzzle Box

If you were Final Fantasy and Onimusha WarLord fans, dreaming about playing them on mobile phone, here for you, Final Fantasy Mobile music puzzle box, combine puzzle game play from Onimusha series, fantatic music and Rpg- theme from Final Fantasy series. Download here.

CMM road map !

Why does people around the world talking about CMM ? What are main difficulty that an organization must to face ? How can we archive CMM ? How long ? That is a process, a cycle re-verified, repeat-checking, re-audit, iterative software development process, some of best practices is Rational Rose Unified Process. Cool vision ! Now, road to CMM, road to the world class software company the biggest and the most efftect to global software industrial.

Asp.net Tip series #2: How to rewrite url request ?

Wondering how to transfer "http://www.lethanhhung.com/TitleOfPage" into "http://www.lethanhhung.com/page.aspx?title=TitleOfPage"
So , you want to do that, remember there is aApplicationBeginRequest in global.asax? ApplicationBeginRequest is fired BEFORE the actual page, so we override redirecting job here :

protected void ApplicationBeginRequest(Object sender, EventArgs e)
string path = Request.ServerVariables[“PATH
string filename;

filename = path.Substring(path.LastIndexOf(“/”));
string destinationUrl = “/page.aspx?title=” + filename;

Asp.net Tip series #1 : confirm message box before performing an action ?

When a critical action such as deleting / destroying / dropping.... user /database .... is excuted, system must ask user confirm before doing that important task. How can we pop op a message box to ask user ? Use this code snippet :

  • Method 1:
Javascript :
<script language="JavaScript">


function confirm_delete()


if (confirm("Do you want to delete ?")==true)

return true;


return false;




In code behind, add this custom attribute to action control , in this example a button control named btnDelete :
lbtn.Attributes.Add("onclick", "return confirm_delete();");

  • Method 2 : Just add this code snippet in code behind :

lbtn.Attributes.Add("onclick", "return confirm('Do you want to delete ?')");

Microsoft Details Pricing and Licensing for Visual Studio 2005 and Simplifies Microsoft Developer Network Subscriptions

New Versions of Visual Studio 2005 and MSDN Subscription Offerings Reflect Price Cut Incentives to Upgrade From Visual Studio .NET

REDMOND, Wash. -- March 21, 2005 -- Microsoft Corp. today detailed pricing and licensing terms for Visual Studio® 2005, its comprehensive application development tool set, as well as simplification of its Microsoft® Developer Network (MSDN®) subscriptions, the primary vehicle through which most developers obtain Visual Studio. Microsoft will reduce the estimated retail price1 of Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition while offering special pricing to existing MSDN subscribers for Visual Studio 2005 Team System, the expansion of the Visual Studio product line to include integrated software life-cycle tools. In addition, current Visual Studio users will be eligible for promotional pricing to acquire MSDN subscriptions now, in preparation for Visual Studio 2005, expected in the second half of calendar year 2005. This will enable more developers to take advantage of the productivity, security enhancements and improved deployment capabilities of the .NET Framework.

"With Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Microsoft introduces features and technologies to support application development through all phases of the software life cycle, from development to deployment," said S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft. "In addition, more accessible tools pricing for small businesses and simplification of MSDN subscription levels for our enterprise customers will enable Microsoft to deliver a complete development platform to satisfy developers at all levels."

New subscription and renewal estimated retail pricing for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional and Standard editions follow:

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition: $799 (upgrade: $549)

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System: $799 (upgrade: $549)

Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition: $299 (upgrade: $199)

Visual Studio 2005 Express editions will be $49.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System and MSDN Subscriptions for New Customers

With the addition of Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft expands the definition and audience reach of the Visual Studio product line beyond developers to development teams, adding new tools for project managers, software testers, infrastructure and software architects, and IT business decision-makers. The Team System also offers new advanced features for software developers. With tightly integrated application design, development and quality tools, as well as a customizable software process methodology, Team System offers development teams the tools and processes that will help them increase the predictability of successful projects, gain greater organizational efficiency and lower overall development costs. Visual Studio Team System's role-based product line includes Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects, Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers and Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers. Also included in Visual Studio Team System is the Visual Studio Team Suite, which contains all three role-based products, and the new Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for more efficient team collaboration.

"The trend to align IT and the line of business clearly mandates that the IT organization provide value throughout the entire application life cycle," said Theresa Lanowitz, research director at Gartner Inc. "Requirements for products in this market and category have shifted away from individual point products and have instead begun to focus on strategic planning throughout the life cycle. Use of these more strategic products is expected to be one component of building an application quality ecosystem that also consists of people and process."

Most Visual Studio users receive Visual Studio through an MSDN subscription, and MSDN provides Software Assurance for Visual Studio. Customers choose an MSDN subscription level and receive development and test licenses for Microsoft servers and applications along with an accompanying Visual Studio product. With Visual Studio Team System, customers will continue to receive these MSDN subscription benefits with the new line of subscriptions that complement the Visual Studio 2005 product line.

Subscription and renewal estimated retail pricing for Visual Studio 2005 Team System offers tremendous value relative to the traditionally costly life-cycle products in this segment; prices for volume licenses start at $3,191 including Software Assurance. More information about the estimated retail pricing for Visual Studio 2005 Team System can be found at http://www.msdn.microsoft.com.

In addition, Microsoft will offer an MSDN subscription with Visual Studio Professional Edition products to afford small businesses the same subscription benefits as large enterprises:

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with MSDN Premium subscription: $2,499 (renewal: $1,999)

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with MSDN Professional subscription: $1,199 (renewal: $799)

MSDN Operating Systems subscription: $699 (renewal: $499)

MSDN Library subscription: $199 (renewal: $99)

No-Cost Upgrades for Active MSDN Universal Subscribers

Existing MSDN Universal subscribers can enjoy a seamless transition to Visual Studio 2005 Team System and automatically receive a no-cost upgrade to one of the role-based subscription products for each active subscription license they own at the time of product availability. Special upgrade pricing to the Team Suite also will be available. Active subscribers may elect to renew their subscription and preserve their existing pricing for future renewals, if they choose; customers without subscriptions, or customers whose subscriptions have lapsed at the time of product availability, will not receive these special pricing offers.

Promotional Opportunity to Prepare for Visual Studio 2005

In preparation for Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft will also offer promotional pricing for customers who want to purchase or upgrade an MSDN subscription. Acquiring MSDN Universal today will enable customers to take advantage of the no-cost upgrade to Visual Studio 2005 Team System upon the product's availability in the second half of 2005.

Visual Studio 2005 Transition Benefits Extend to Microsoft Partners

The Microsoft Partner Program provides software and developer license benefits via an MSDN subscription. Along with Visual Studio 2005 product availability, partners will enjoy upgrade and transition benefits. Details about Microsoft Partner Program changes will be available to all partners beginning today. Appropriate transition plans will support partners through this change in their benefits.

About Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2005 Team System, productive, integrated and extensible software life-cycle tools that enable businesses to reduce the complexity of delivering service-oriented solutions

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition, the comprehensive development tool for professional developers working alone or in small teams

Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition, a flexible development tool for part-time or line-of-business application developers building Windows®-based, Web or mobile applications

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System, the comprehensive development tool for professional developers building Microsoft Office System solutions using Excel, Word and InfoPath®

Visual Studio 2005 Express editions:

Visual Web Developer (TM) 2005 Express Edition, a lightweight tool for building dynamic Web sites and Web services

Visual Basic® 2005 Express Edition, Visual C#® 2005 Express Edition, Visual C++® 2005 Express Edition and Visual J#® 2005 Express Edition, streamlined programming tools that help beginning programmers learn how to build Windows-based applications

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

1 Pricing given is estimated retail pricing; reseller prices may vary. All prices given are in U.S. dollars.

Microsoft, Visual Studio, MSDN, Windows, InfoPath, Visual Web Developer, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual J# are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Web page at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass on Microsoft's corporate information pages. Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may since have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft's Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/contactpr.mspx.

Source : Microsoft

I'm the first record in google search results !

Type some keywords into google search bar, have some fun :

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le thanh hung take a trip to Microsoft

le thanh hung vision

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le thanh hung mcp hall of fame 2005

Implement innertText in Mozilla

There is a innerText property in IE4 and upper version, but there is no
such a property in Mozilla base browser, in order to simulate this
property , using this code to overide default behavior for Mozilla base

HTMLElement.prototype.__defineSetter__("innerText", function (sText) {
this.innerHTML = sText.replace(/\&/g, "&amp;").replace(//g, ">");

BREAKING NEWS: MCP Program Takes New Road in September

Changes are afoot in the Microsoft Certification Program that can be labeled as "evolutionary"; that is, changes to the certification process will be implemented over time, as newer technologies become generally available.

The first of those changes will occur among the SQL Server and Visual Team Studio products, which are planned for a major launch event in San Francisco on November 7. Certification details for those programs will be posted around September on the Microsoft Certification Program Web site, according to Al Valvano, Microsoft Learning Group Program Manager. Valvano provided details of the revamped certification program plans during a Learning Solutions Workshop at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Minneapolis over the weekend.

According to Valvano, Microsoft will follow tradition, releasing exams for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio Team System about 45 days after the release of the products to the general public. Those exams, however, won't fit into the traditional MCP schema that one might be familiar with. Instead, Microsoft will introduce a new framework for certification that will pair up a credential with a skill-identifying certification based on a tiered approach consisting of the following credentials:

* Tier 1: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist will require simply passing one to three exams based on a Microsoft technology. As products meet the end of the support lifecycle, its related exam will be retired.
* Tier 2: Microsoft Certified IT Professional or Professional Developer require a Technology Specialist certification, plus one to three more exams, based on the requirement for a particular path. This tier is tied to job role at an organization, such as Database Developer or Business Intelligence. Recertification will be required to maintain status at this level.
* Tier 3: Microsoft Certified Architect is a rigorous, board-level certification that requires recertification. Achieving Technology Specialist or IT Professional or Professional Developer certification not a prerequisite to attaining this level of certification.
Microsoft is still hammering away at the details for the first two tiers, but Valvano provided a generous amount of what the group has developed thus far, via a presentation that diagrammed the new framework. It's obvious that the new program differs significantly from the current program.

How changes in the SQL Server and Visual Studio versions of the program will trickle down to the rest of the program, particularly in the MCSA and MCSE credentials, can only be a guess and Valvano didn't offer up any clues through the presentation, only showing that most of the information is 'to be decided.'

"We're prepared only to provide details on the SQL Server and Visual Studio programs," he reiterated.

Valvano explains that the "new generation" program is aimed at making it easier to identify the specific skills that an individual is capable of deploying (highlighted by the Technology Specialist) and the type of job role that individual can fulfill (IT Professional or Professional Developer). The new-gen certification will be composed of a credential and skill-identifying certification (see Figure 1). So, at the first tier in the new plan, a cert candidate might achieve several versions of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist to highlight as many skills as possible. The skills will be listed to the right of the Technology Specialist logo.
Some time in December, Microsoft hopes to be able to offer the initial Technology Specialist titles for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. Other technologies, such as BizTalk Server 2006 (next in line) and Longhorn (much further away, in late 2006 or, more possibly, in 2007), will go online when those products are eventually released.

At the next tier is the Professional Series, either the IT Professional and Professional Developer. These titles will also require an extra set of one to three exams. The Microsoft Certified IT Professional is the likely title to make a comparison to the current MCSE program, but the difference is apples to oranges. The goal here is to provide a title that defines the individual's job role within an organization. Valvano provided an example for SQL Server 2005, which showed certifications for three specific job roles that a SQL Server expert might perform: Database Administrator, Database Developer, or Business Intelligence Developer. Even with the roles being distinct ones, a candidate can conceivably opt to attain all three.

Microsoft currently has plans to provide an upgrade path for current MCDBAs on SQL Server 2003 to Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator. Valvano says the path will consist of passage of two exams

Microsoft will provide a two-exam upgrade path for MCDBAs on SQL Server 2000 who want to prove SQL 2005 proficiency via the Microsoft Certified IT Professional title. Two exams also will be required for MCSDs upgrading to the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise Application Developer title. Only one exam will be required for MCADs upgrading to the newer Windows and Web versions of the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer titles. (Click image to view larger version. Source: Microsoft Corp.)

Roadmap from current credentials to new generation credentials. The path upward from MCSA and MCSE is still TBD for another year. (Click image to view larger version. Source: Microsoft Corp.)

The Professional Developer credential is similar in some ways to its predecessor MCSD title, in that candidates can distinguish between Web-enabled or Windows-enabled development paths. The Professional Developer Series does one better than the MCSD, though, in offering an addtional Enterprise Application Developer job role.

So, What Happens with My MCSE?
Candidates working toward an MCSE or MCSA title might be wondering if their current certification efforts will become useless. Will the current title retire? Should candidates drop everything and wait for Microsoft to introduce the Longhorn version of the certification under the new program framework?

"[The MCSE/MCSA/MCDBA titles] are not going away and those continue to remain valid, just like there are people who continue to certify on Windows 2000," says Valvano. He does acknowledge that there will be an upgrade path to the new certification program from the current ones (see Figure 3), but says that development on the preliminary framework hasn't even begun, as much depends on what's in Longhorn. And Longhorn is still more than a year from delivery. -- Michael Domingo, courtesy of MCPmag.com

Implement innertText in Mozilla

There is a innerText property in IE4 and upper version, but there is no such a property in Mozilla base browser, in order to simulate this property , using this code to overide default behavior for Mozilla base browser:

HTMLElement.prototype.__defineSetter__("innerText", function (sText) {
this.innerHTML = sText.replace(/\&/g, "&amp;").replace(//g, ">");

Very super extreme too busy !

Too many thing to do ! How can I handle all .

window.showModalDialog problem in IE

I'm recently encounter a problem when using showModalDialog in IE. I want to access to parent window, but window was opened by showModaldialog doesn't supply full features like normal window.open method . When using window.open, you have window.opener propery that references to parent window, so you can access all properties / method of parent window. In order to solve this problem, pass window.self second parameter of showModaldialog method. In pop-up dialog, access to parent by dialogArguments object. Follow codes snippet will show you how to display a Modal Window, insert a hyperlink to rich text area , work both on IE and FireFox :

  • In parent page :
function insertHyperLink() {
if (window.showModalDialog)
showModalDialog("insert_link.htm", window.self, "status:false;dialogWidth:312px;dialogHeight:265px");
else {
window.open('insert_link.htm', window, 'width=312, height=265, toolbar=no,directories=no,status=no, menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,modal=yes');
  • In child window :
function insertLink() {
var txtText = document.getElementById('txtText');
var txtUrl = document.getElementById('txtUrl');
var txtToolTip = document.getElementById('txtToolTip');
var ddlTarget = document.getElementById('ddlTarget');
var parent;
parent = (window.opener) ? window.opener : dialogArguments;
var url = '' + txtText.value + '';

Viet Nam become siliconvalley ?

The techies from Vietnam and Silicon Valley came together in pursuit of an ambitious goal: Helping their homeland become the next India of the high-tech world.

Nobody is expecting Vietnam to become the world's primary software outsourcing destination anytime soon. But a fledgling software industry is taking root here, and Vietnamese from both sides of the Pacific are determined to nurture it.

In pursuit of that goal, about 15 technology-industry executives, many of them Vietnamese-American, came to Ho Chi Minh City recently for a forum with their counterparts in Vietnam, many of whom are Vietnamese-Americans who moved back here to go into business.

``I'm asking you to champion our cause and build a bridge between Vietnam and Silicon Valley so that our industry can grow,'' said Thinh Nguyen, a forum organizer whose firm, Pyramid Software Development, has its headquarters in Fremont but employs nearly all of its 40 engineers in Vietnam.

Organized by the Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, the forum is one of many recent indicators suggesting that Vietnam is gaining increasing attention as a potential software outsourcing destination.

Ho Chi Minh City now has some 650 software companies, mostly small, that collectively employ 20,000 people. A handful do low-cost outsourcing for Citibank, IBM, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Lucent Technologies, the Hilton Corp. and Novellus.

IDG, the U.S. technology publishing company, recently established a $100 million venture-capital fund to nurture Vietnamese tech companies. Meanwhile, Vietnam's national government has approved tax breaks for high-tech firms and mapped out ambitious goals for training software engineers.

``Things are on the move,'' said Seth Winnick, the U.S. consul-general in Ho Chi Minh City, speaking at a recent forum. ``We have a sector here that is on the verge of a takeoff.''

Daunting challenges

Vietnam's software pioneers are daunted by the challenges -- a dearth of experienced managers, a mediocre education system, an improving but still inadequate infrastructure, a poorly developed legal system and a slow-moving bureaucracy.

But they are buoyed by the opportunities. A flood of bright young Vietnamese are entering the workforce each year, eager to make their mark in the technology world.

Among those who believe that the sector's prospects are bright is Kevin Nguyen, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Global CyberSoft, a Santa Clara-based firm with more than 400 engineers working in Ho Chi Minh City.

The company's slogan: ``IT outsourcing is our passion.''

``Customers, especially in Japan, are starting to look at Vietnam as an alternative to India and China,'' said Nguyen, whose firm has roughly doubled in size each year since its founding in 2000. ``They don't want to put all their eggs in one basket.''

Like Global CyberSoft, many of the leading software outsourcing firms with operations in Vietnam have close ties to California. Among them are Sacramento-based ATVN and Glass Egg Digital, a gaming software firm whose founder, Phil Tran, came to Vietnam from Oakland.

Tran thinks China, not Vietnam, will become the next India. But he does believe that outsourcing can flourish here.

``To stay competitive, Vietnamese companies should try to be highly specialized,'' said Tran, 41, whose clients include Microsoft and Atari. ``We can compete well in the lower-volume, higher-value market segment.''

Firms that have ties to the West have an edge over those that don't.

``You must understand the customer culture,'' said Nguyen Huu Le, chairman of TMA Solutions, Vietnam's biggest software outsourcing firm. ``You need to understand their needs and their language.''

Over and over, software executives here extol Vietnamese engineers as smart, determined and loyal. Nevertheless, many American companies remain hesitant about tapping Vietnam.

They feel more comfortable sending programming work to India, which has a longer track record in outsourcing.

``India is still the destination of choice,'' said Hung Truong, who works at Lucent Technologies' Sunnyvale lab. ``It was an uphill battle for me to sell Vietnam to my executives.''

Selling the idea required reassuring his colleagues that ``offshoring'' the work, as Hung prefers to call it, would not mean cutting jobs at Lucent. And he had to persuade his bosses that Vietnamese engineers were up to the job.

Of course, Vietnamese professionals can be hired for a fraction of what their American or Indian counterparts earn. The engineer who commands a $100,000 salary in the U.S. earns about $60,000 in India, $30,000 in China and $20,000 in Vietnam.

But most of the Vietnamese engineers require intensive training before they can do the job. Vietnam lacks the network of top-flight technology universities that has trained much of India's computer workforce.

Intensive training

Duytan Tran, president of Silicon Design Solutions, a Milpitas chip-design firm, put each of the 80 engineers who work at the company's Ho Chi Minh City operation through two years of intensive training.

``We had to invest a lot in training,'' Tran said. ``But we've done very well. We were pretty much profitable from Day One.''

Many of the software firms locating in Vietnam are setting up shop in technology parks such as the Ho Chi Minh City Software City, where 63 companies now employ 3,300 workers. A half-dozen new buildings are being erected at the site, including a seven-story tower that will be occupied by a Silicon Valley firm that officials would not yet name.

The park is home to several software programming training centers, including the Cisco Academy, where students learn to use the company's networking software.

On the outskirts of the city, a difficult commute from downtown, the park nevertheless drew Frank Schellenberg because of its low rents and generous tax incentives.

Schellenberg's firm, GHP, digitalizes documents for firms in his homeland, Germany. Among other things, the 25 software designers at his firm enter sports results into computers and design sports pages for German newspapers.

The time difference between Asia and Europe allows the Vietnamese workers to do the job during the day and transmit the pages in time for the next morning's paper. The newspapers save by eliminating a night shift.

Schellenberg pays his page designers $150 to $200 a month -- roughly a designer's daily pay in Germany.

``It works well,'' he said. ``Everybody wants to outsource.''

Source : Siliconvalley

Finally, I was on top 5 MCP Hall of Fame !

I will be on until middle of august. Vote for me. Thanks.

Note : this competition is just only for MCps who meet requirement from Microsoft. Entrants may enter the contest by fully completing and submitting the nomination form online at www.windowsitpro.com/MCPhalloffame once per month throughout the duration of the contest. And Nominee don't need to describe all true about real life, you can write , brag to attract people vote for you.

Refactory my WYSIWYG html editor

I'm currently rewritting my WYSIWYG html editor that I developed last year for my V-CMS (Viet Nam Content Management System) to support more browsers (Mozilla base, fire fox. Many things must rewrite to support mozilla DOM api, since the new Mozilla Rich Text Editing API have differed from Microsoft one, these are some note when porting app from IE to Mozilla:

  1. Using document.getElementById('element') instead of document.all.element. You must make sure that all your elements have a "id" attribute.
  2. You can't use directly the focus() method for IFrame on Mozilla the same as on IE:
    • In IE : iframe.focus()
    • In Mozilla : document.getElementById("iframe").contentWindow.focus()

  3. document.designMode should be in onLoad() event of body tag rather than in script section in head tag.
  4. You can access document object in IE like this iframe.document, but not the same in Mozilla , you must use document.getElementById("iframename").contentWindow.document
  5. Use Title= attribute to supply Tooltip in both IE and Mozilla.
  6. The command "createlink" does not support displaying a user interface. In order to do that, you can use this code fragment :
    var szURL = prompt("Enter the URL", "");
  7. When using "formatblock" for execCommand , you can't use "Preformatted", "Normal", "Heading 1", "Heading 2", "Heading 3"... in Mozilla , look at this convertion table:

    Localized Version Equivalent


    Heading 1


    Heading 2


    Heading 3


    Heading 4


    Heading 5

    Heading 6



  8. The backcolor option to execCommand behaves differently on Mozilla than on IE. Use hilitecolor in Mozilla instead of backcolor. This change take me a lot of time to figure out.

  9. Switching between Design and Source mode :
    • From Source to Design :
      • In IE :
        iText = getDocument().body.innerText;
        getDocument().body.innerHTML = iText;
      • In Mozilla :
        var html = getDocument().body.ownerDocument.createRange();
        getDocument().body.innerHTML = html.toString();

    • From Design to Source :
      • In IE :
        iHTML = getDocument().body.innerHTML;
        getDocument().body.innerText = iHTML;
      • In Mozilla :
        var html = document.createTextNode(getDocument().body.innerHTML);
        getDocument().body.innerHTML = "";

Google Earth – Explore, Search and Discover

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
*Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in.
*Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
*Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings.
*Save and share your searches and favorites. Even add your own annotations.
Head to Google earth and try yourself

Windows IT Pro Announces Success of the Microsoft Certified Professional -- MCP -- Hall of Fame; First Winner is Dejan Foro of Croatia

LOVELAND, Colo. --(Business Wire)-- March 23, 2005 -- Peg Miller, associate publisher of Windows IT Pro (http://www.windowsitpro.com), a Penton Media (OTCBB:PTON) property, announced the newly launched Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Hall of Fame is a success after just two months of operation. The program is designed to recognize excellence in the influential community of certified Windows IT professionals, and to reward outstanding work in the IT industry.

Click Here

"We're seeing rising rates of registration as word of the program gets out," said Miller. "This program is a great way to recognize IT expertise and reward the top members of the certified professional community. The contest creates a fun and exciting challenge for participants to compare themselves to their peers in the IT industry all over the world."

There are six rounds of the contest, consisting of 30 days per round. Microsoft Certified Professionals nominate themselves or a peer for the monthly "MCP Hall of Fame" contest. In the first round, more than 143 nominations were collected. The top five entries are picked by a judging staff that includes two staff members from Windows IT Pro and two staff members from Microsoft.

The top five entries are then posted to a Web site: http://www.windowsitpro.com/mcphalloffame. Visitors to the site are invited to vote for their favorite candidate. In the first round, more than 900 votes were tallied and Dejan Foro of Croatia was voted the top Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). The winner of each round gets his/her photo posted on the Web site; a VIP subscription to all Windows IT Pro products; and all six winners will be profiled in the September issue of Windows IT Pro. Out of those six, one grand prize winner will be awarded an expense-paid trip to Redmond for a VIP visit with Microsoft executives.

About Windows IT Pro

First published in 1995, Windows IT Pro is the editorial leader in its field and the hub of the Windows IT community. Since its inception, it has grown into an information network that includes the magazine, three print newsletters, 12 direct-request email newsletters, Web sites and in-person events such as Web seminars, roadshows, trade shows and conferences. The magazine has a paid subscription base of 105,000; more than 2 million IT professionals are reached through the Windows IT Pro network every month. The magazine is published in 13 languages and has an international reach into 160 countries.

For more information, go to www.windowsitpro.com and www.penton.com.
Source: TMCNET

I will be on Microsoft Certified Professional Hall of Fame soon !

Come back this Microsoft Certified Professional Hall of Fame later ! Big surprise !

Google 's vision : make a software that using by million users !

Take a look at http://www.google.com.vn/intl/vi/jobs/great-people-needed.html
This paragraph :
"In the future, we'd like to improve our search quality by applying machine-learning, artificial intelligence and information retrieval techniques to problems such as:

  • Extraction of structured information from the web
  • Information synthesis (by pulling partial information from multiple documents to fulfill an information need)
  • Learning of semantic concepts and using this to improve search
  • Automatic development of vertical search services
  • Answering of natural language queries
  • Automatic machine-translation between language pairs
Cool vision ! Wish I can join their company . I think I can do this "Extraction of structured information from the web" . How long ? How ? Sometime, no longer, but no soon, keep waiting, a software that using by million users. Wow ! What a cool vision !

Blogger Layout Bug !

When I post a very long url, the text don't wrap to newline, please take a look at screenshot.

Wrong Google Vietnamese location !

I'm very happy when google make it's search engine into Vietnamese, but their transaltion staffs make some error , take a look at screenshot, I emailed this problems, hope they will fix soon., you can check error at : http://www.google.com.vn/search?hl=vi&q=kiemtrachinhta&btnG=T%C3%ACm+ki%E1%BA%BFm+v%E1%BB%9Bi+Google&meta=

Wow ! Cool pc site !

What a dream Gamming System Extreme PC !

Incredible high quality icon xp site !

Come to CrystalXP and see yourself ... Good luck !

Mobile Games Competition comes back !

Cool ! This year Mobile Games 2005 competiton have many changes that make more opportunities for developers. My first impression is requirement specification had improved, now Samsung E730 is using as standard testing device :

  • Heap size : 560 KB
  • JAR size : 300 KB
  • Sound : MMF MIDI WAV 64 poly
  • Colour depth : 256K colours TFT
  • Image File Format : PNG
  • Max Java Canvas size : 176 x 220 pixels
  • Soft Key Area : 23 pixels
  • J2ME Version : CLDC 1.1 HI, MIDP 2.0
  • Font Size : 8x12(S), 8x16(M), 8x18(L)
  • Supported JSRs : JSR-120 WMA, JSR-135 MMAPI
  • Connectivity : GPRS, Bluetooth, USB port, WAP 2.0
I like MIDP 2.0 and Bluetooth, and big JAR size features. This make more comfortablefor developer comapre too lack of memory, MIDP 1.0 last year. Sponsor this year is the same the last, but have new one VMS Mobile fone, cool, seem like this operator want to make money from mobile game industry. Prizes for competitors also has been improved :
  • The first round : the first prize is $400 (two), the second prize is $300 (two).
  • The final round : $2500, $1500, $1000 for the first, second, third prize.
  • I'm also very super busy now, just as last year. But I will register for a game / application. Waiting for my game. Cool cool cool ! hot hot

    My flash art !

    A little flash application, have fun

    Color Pulse site demo version 1 online !

    This is second critical project after Clearasil, just a demo version 1 ColorPulse

    Tournet Viet Nam !

    A great website on Viet Nam travel http://www.tournet-vn.com/vn/ViewTourInfo.asp?t=101

    Connected Systems Competition !

    Wow ! I've just received newsletter from Microsoft. There are many things really interested : MCP Hall of Fame competitor http://www.windowsitpro.com/mcphalloffame/, Connected System Competitor http://www.csdevcompetition.com/home.aspx, Microsoft Tech·Ed 2005. Cool cool cool ! Want to register all ! How I can , don't have many time , but I want to register. Ok , try it anyway !

    my avatar Posted by Hello

    Body building !

    I must go to the gym now for body building. What a perfect body I have now ! Cool !

    Hey ! I've have just get MSDN Connection gold member card !

    Today I've have just get my MSDN Connection Gold member card, wordering why not a silver card, because I'm now a MCSD. I will contact Microsoft for this problem . @_@
    Today, I also have received 5 DVD "Connected System" from Microsoft, I will put it to dvd-drive now, don't know what it include.

    hey , I've just registered this blog account

    Cool ! What a good blog software ! Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !Cool ! What a good blog software !