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Mobile Games Competition comes back !

Cool ! This year Mobile Games 2005 competiton have many changes that make more opportunities for developers. My first impression is requirement specification had improved, now Samsung E730 is using as standard testing device :

  • Heap size : 560 KB
  • JAR size : 300 KB
  • Sound : MMF MIDI WAV 64 poly
  • Colour depth : 256K colours TFT
  • Image File Format : PNG
  • Max Java Canvas size : 176 x 220 pixels
  • Soft Key Area : 23 pixels
  • J2ME Version : CLDC 1.1 HI, MIDP 2.0
  • Font Size : 8x12(S), 8x16(M), 8x18(L)
  • Supported JSRs : JSR-120 WMA, JSR-135 MMAPI
  • Connectivity : GPRS, Bluetooth, USB port, WAP 2.0
I like MIDP 2.0 and Bluetooth, and big JAR size features. This make more comfortablefor developer comapre too lack of memory, MIDP 1.0 last year. Sponsor this year is the same the last, but have new one VMS Mobile fone, cool, seem like this operator want to make money from mobile game industry. Prizes for competitors also has been improved :
  • The first round : the first prize is $400 (two), the second prize is $300 (two).
  • The final round : $2500, $1500, $1000 for the first, second, third prize.
  • I'm also very super busy now, just as last year. But I will register for a game / application. Waiting for my game. Cool cool cool ! hot hot

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