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Asp.net 2.0 Profile problem in new Web Application Project model : ProfileCommon not found


I spent a lot of time to find out root of problem when using asp.net 2.0 Profile feature in new Web Application Project model. With VS 2005 Website model, when we edit Profile section
in web.config, Vs 2005 will automatic generate strong-typed class ProfileCommon. Developers
can use this generation class/ object by using intellisense feature of vs 2005.

Web.config :

Code-behind :

Unfortunately, Web Application Project model does not automatic generate strong-typed
ProfileCommon to mapping profile section in web.config. In order to use this Profile, we must hand coding mapping class :

Using ProfileCommon :

Hope next release of Web Application Project (SP1) will support automatic generate strong-typed Profile Mapping. Currently, we can do hand-coding or using WebProfile generator from Tim McBride