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Google 's vision : make a software that using by million users !

Take a look at http://www.google.com.vn/intl/vi/jobs/great-people-needed.html
This paragraph :
"In the future, we'd like to improve our search quality by applying machine-learning, artificial intelligence and information retrieval techniques to problems such as:

  • Extraction of structured information from the web
  • Information synthesis (by pulling partial information from multiple documents to fulfill an information need)
  • Learning of semantic concepts and using this to improve search
  • Automatic development of vertical search services
  • Answering of natural language queries
  • Automatic machine-translation between language pairs
Cool vision ! Wish I can join their company . I think I can do this "Extraction of structured information from the web" . How long ? How ? Sometime, no longer, but no soon, keep waiting, a software that using by million users. Wow ! What a cool vision !

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