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T-SQL : How get only Time Part in DateTime value


DECLARE @CurrentDate datetime
SET @CurrentDate = '8/3/2006 4:09:00 PM'
SET @CompareDate = '8/3/2006 4:09:00 PM'

Get Time part as nvarchar or char :
Using :
select right(convert(nvarchar,@CurrentDate,120),9)
Or :
SELECT Convert(CHAR(24), @CurrentDate,108)

How to compare only time part in DateTime value , we use DatePart function :

DatePart(hour, @CurrentDate) >= DatePart(hour, @CompareDate) AND
DatePart(minute, @CurrentDate) >= DatePart(minute, @CompareDate) AND
DatePart(second, @CurrentDate) >= DatePart(second, @CompareDate) AND

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